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It always when I have a test in a few hours

That I play hindi songs on youtube and end up watching tunes from the 80s. 

The mindset of a Punjabi to every other desi


Sometimes I think I should settle, then I think… “I am Frigginuggets awesome. And should be matched with someone just as pickling awesome. And we can be awesome and help each other spiritually grow and to serve the Divine awesome.”


Golden Temple 2012

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Golden Temple 2012

Got a Dhol and Tumbhi!

Desi swag will AMPLIFIED!


And nooow my dad changed his voicemail to the tumbi…srsly dad. wtf

Track of the night. Week

Repeat song of the week.

(Source: Spotify)


(Source: Spotify)

 Ugh this guy is so yummy. Who is this!

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“Soni Punjabi” Barbie in a lovely red salwar kameez (aka churidar). 

Brown guys

I’m amazed at how many posts I see from guys that state they like brown girls, go on their facebook, and there’s not a single picture with a brown girl. Not a single one. 

One thing on the internet. Another in person. 

Where are you khotas!?


OMG i would LOVE to get this for my B-day :D